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Our approach means we adapt to new challenges. Although Our top line service is video and film production we have grown to be able to offer a variety of other services these include:

Audio services; we record voice overs, radio plays, live broadcasts, podcast and radio adverts.

Photography; with a specialism of event coverage (not weddings) building and location shots.

360 film and photography: we have provided many businesses with 360 images of their premises and also regularly update google maps with 360 images. The 360 filming offers a unique take on event coverage and includes live streaming.

Live Streaming; With the covid pandemic we developed our streaming capabilities and enabled a number of service providers to continue online provision.  We can provide multiple camera shoots and offer live graphics and other higher end production capabilities.

Graphic Design;  often as part of our production work we have to create on screen graphics and illustrations.  We have expanded this to a standalone service having created logos and illustrative graphics for a range of clients.

Whiteboard Animations; a very contemporary method of information video these engaging graphic animations can turn the driest of information into something that keeps people watching.  We have worked with local authorities, the NHS and local councils.

Motion Graphics; Sometimes our production require moving graphics. This has developed into a standalone service providing animations for a range of statutory organisations.

Community Maps; Building on the strength of our graphics work we created a brand “Shrinkmap” a compact informative and entertaining guide to places.  Our first project was about proving that there was a lot to do in Grimsby, we have moved on to various local authority areas and created nature trails and other guides.

Website Creation; Using third party software service such as WordPress, Wix and Square Space we have created a number of interactive websites, including commercial and shopping sites.

Virtual Reality:  Having invested in some of the latest VR equipment we offer a range of VR experiences, enabling people to try out VR.  We have run VR party nights and can tie this in with our 360 services. Please enquire.

We have a pool of trusted professional freelancers for every occasion, so if we can’t do it, we know someone who can!

Shrink Map

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