The creative aspect covers all of the work we do but on this page we want to tell everyone about us as film makers.

This is what is all about for us, telling stories, making films.
We are proud to work along side youth clubs, schools, and adult education in film making workshops.

Over the past years Focus 7 has produced and/or been a part of short filmmaking in Northern Lincolnshire and further afield in numerous aspects. Focus 7 have been involved with story telling from the start helping to produce an interactive DVD in which the viewer could choose the narrative to follow and at plot points they were given the opportunity to choose which character and story arc to follow or watch a normal linear version. The BFI said it was ‘an innovation in DVD story telling’.

creative showreel

In 2007 we pitched for a won a bid with Arts Development at North East Lincolnshire Council to produce a series of films. Working along side Fusion Youth Theatre, we produced five films all with an environmental aspect or theme. Three of the five films have done really well. Honey I shrunk the Honey was chosen by the young filmmakers co-operative to be shown at the Bradford International film festival, Whale of a time was commended by the institute of videography at their Production show and Car v Car won the first place at the Toronto International Film Festival’s “Planet in Focus”.

In 2007 and 2008 we were an integral part of ‘War of the Wolds’. Two trailers for a non existent film. This was entered and well received in the virgin media shorts competition, getting into the 6th position on the top ten views of all 1800 entries, and the top most watched film in the sci-fi genre. The two ‘War of the Wolds’ films has opened doors for us and in the year in has been on our you tube channel has enjoyed a worldwide audience. We did manage to generate a little bit of interest from the local and regional press at the time of the Virgin Media Shorts Competition.

We entered the Reduction 7 day film challenge in Sheffield and got third place with ’3 men in a pub’ shot edited and screened in a 7 day period. A quirky little film that has men drinking beer sorting out the worlds environmental problems.

We recently took a different approach to promote the dangers of Chlamydia for Health promotions in North East Lincolnshire. This was a film aimed at 18 – 50 year olds about sexual transmitted infections, we developed a script and produced a film to relay the information.

More recently in Summer 2013 we got together with filmmakers from our area and made Havelock everyone in Northern Lincolnshire working together. It was a short 14 min action film made for the 30 action film challenge in America. We got 2nd place and Best VFX. Then between July 14 to Aug 14 – as part of the Action Film Challenge and WINNER of 14 awards out of 18 on the night. We were the only non American team, representing Great Britain, Lincolnshire and ourselves. We worked hard together, had fun and succeeded our expectations by far. Over 270 people that either lived, trained or had another strong connection to Grimsby helped to get the film to screen. This film was made on location in Grimsby, Bradley, Cleethorpes, Barton, Burnham, Cabourne, Immingham, Habourgh, Thornton Curtis, all towns and villages in Northern Lincolnshire, UK and Paris, France.

We have several feature and TV drama ideas at various stages of development, and we are always on the look out of for new collaborators in the medium of story telling…

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